Monday, August 21, 2017


How do you make a 4-show weekend, even more fun, and crazier? Have a birthday party! After a great day off, full of swimming and hanging with friends, it was back to rehearsals and the show. Cory is busy learning the roles of Zack and Freddy and he has come a long way. It is a lot to learn three roles, all with lines, songs, different blocking, and props placement, plus guitar and drums. Cory is up to the challenge and is definitely being kept on his toes.

Saturday was another big day for Cory - HIS BIRTHDAY! Our baby, who is not a baby anymore, turned 10! Double digits! It was such a fantastic day. Started with a matinee show followed by a birthday party at Bowlmor in Times Square. We had just about the entire kids cast of SOR (we missed Troy and Chloe) and Cory's closest friends from home for a-rockin' rollin' birthday party. The kids had a blast. Most of them shouldn't quit their day jobs (pun intended) as their skills on the stage far surpass their skills on the bowling lanes. After bowling and some fun in the arcade, it was time to head back to the stage door. This was no small feat getting 17 kids through times square. Not as easy as it sounds!

Cory, Emma, Benjamin and Jordan - Cory's childhood friends

Family Photo, with Beca!
Levi and Cory

Cory and Zach

Amadi, Olivia, Zach and Gabby

Cory and Gabby

Cory and Michael

Once back at the stage door, happily greeted by several of the guardians, the kids all ran in and Cory's celebration continued. Check out this video. The SOR family certainly knows how to make a kid feel special!

Josh and I went out with friends while Cory performed the 8:00pm show. The next day we were getting ready to have a family first. I was leaving for our annual family vacation with Ryan and Andrew and Josh was going to be staying home with Cory. Cory loves what he's doing, performing in School of Rock, and is so grateful for this opportunity, but we are all making sacrifices, including splitting up and spending a vacation week apart. Cory and Josh are going to have some special time at home between shows and I am giving Ryan and Andrew some much-needed special attention with the rest of my family on the beach!

We love hearing from family and friends (and friends of friends) who have plans to see the show or who have just gone. Cory loves greeting everyone at the stage door and it is so wonderful to be sharing this journey with so many people we love.

Stacie, a childhood friend of Erica's and Debbie, her sister,
and best friend with Uncle Adam

Bekka and Jen from Beth El! I think we need to plan a field trip!

This week's schedule feels a little more relaxed. The rehearsal schedule is a little lighter and Cory will enjoy some much-needed down time. There are only a couple of more weeks of summer and then we will add school into the mix. Things are constantly changing. Eyes forward, we can't wait to see what comes next!


  1. Lovely birthday party. Hope it was a great time for the birthday boy to enjoy the day with friends and family. I also arranged my son’s birthday party at one of LA event venues and went with star wars theme party. He along with all the invitees loved my work and enjoyed the day a lot.